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Welcome to RiseAtop, a stress-free and convenient business listing site for website owners who want a free or a cost effective solution to extend and increase their online presence and grow revenues. 


Our vision is to help reduce failures of small businesses and make a positive change in the world, saving one business a time.


Our mission is to help reduce website owners anxiety and frustration caused by a lack of skills and resources to initiate, plan, implement,control and monitor effective online marketing tactics and strategies necessary to attract and grow revenues. 


We believe that any country's' economy depends on businesses. Businesses provide both goods and services. Businesses need people to produce and sell their goods and services. Businesses create jobs. By supporting these businesses to become more successful, together we can make lasting impact in the world. At RiseAtop, we accomplish this goal in different ways: 

  • Firstly, we provide technology tools where businesses can increase their online marketing efforts and connect with customers. In short, we help increase your customer touch-points.
  • Secondly, we provide education and resources to eliminate anxiety and frustration caused by lack of required digital skills and latest technology tools. 

Huge challenges faced by business owners both locally and globally

1. Digitization has changed the users behavior

Think about how the smart phones have disrupted all industries. You are expected to deliver mobile friendly customer solutions. As a brand, you cannot afford to crawl and barely be able to stand, when your customer wants you to run and catch up.

2. Attention Span

Say it quick, say it well The attention span of modern internet consumer has come down to few seconds. You have only some seconds to grab his attention. According to research our attention span has markedly decreased in last 15 years. The average attention span of a internet user is 8 seconds. You only have that much of time to pull your consumer.

3. Cluttered Digital space: 

There are billion of websites online. How will you stand out in this space from not only your competitors but also allied industries of your product.

4. Relevance of SEO

Organic ranking does not just depend on placing one or two ads on Google and hope for the best. With mobile becoming first source of interaction, on an average 5.5 inch screens, organic listing might come from implementation of various online marketing strategies: social media, online directories, events, SEO, SEM etc.

5. Tracking the customer journey

The beauty of digital marketing is its measurability. There are tools to help track visitors from the time they land on your homepage, fill up a form to a point where they make a decision to make a purchase. But the ability to track this journey is not for the faint hearted. Even big brands with robust CRM systems have this huge challenge of marrying post conversion customer journey with marketing journey to give the users more personalised experience.

6. Innovation

Ongoing is all about solving problems. Business owners will always have this challenge, but learning about changes, selecting right technologies and developing right strategy based on your experience would help you overcome that.

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