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Posted by Victoria Kenny on 12/09/2017

Top 5 Secrets To Instill Useful Values In Families

1. Authority in Families

Encourage wife to develop her gifts...Give her a space to dominate

2. Build Helpful Alliance

Look for alliances that make you feel better. Have friends that make you feel wonderful. Look for alliances that are healthy

3. Family Boundaries

A lot of couples don't set boundaries. Get rid of toxic relationships. What should we not do. Boundaries are healthy.

4. Setting example

Look For Role Models and Mentors. Set an example for the children. For instance: Kindness is a good example.

Give the kindness back. Kindness carry the world. Women are calling out for kindness.

6. Growth or personal development

Develop, encourage and go for a course to improve your marriage. Attend seminars, go to other couples Seminars. and other personal development events together.