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Posted 01/06/2017 in Technology by Alphonse Rutayisire

6 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Site Stickiness

6 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Site Stickiness

Site stickiness is the phenomenon where the readers come to a website over and over again. The sites which have high stickiness get better business and traffic. This is something which depends on the readers mainly and not on the search engine. The readers only get to visit a website again and again when it offers them authentic and verified content. Good content is good for the website owner as well as the visitors. When a website has verified content and it is to the point, the users develop a relationship of trust with the website and use it for their future references on the same topic.

Website stickiness also refers to the situation where the users spend long durations of time on a website. This is something which can be accomplished only by giving the user quality content. Users only spend long times on the websites which are interesting and informative.

How To Make Website Content Sticky:

A website will only become famous and credible in the eyes of search engine if its visitors are spending good amount of time on the site. A shaky, broken, poorly written content can’t help the website in engaging the visitor for longer duration, so below are few of the tips to make a content sticky.

1. Simple Content. Keep content simple and avoid using complex terminologies. Keep all age and social groups in mind while writing a content piece for your website.

2. Create Impact from The beginning. To be good at content creation for the readers, you must be successful in engaging him from the outset. Use unexpected terms, inviting phrases and create curiosity in mind of the reader which will force him to read complete page.

3. Own What You Write. They say words once gone don’t come back, so never write anything which in future you can’t own. Always try to support your ideas with facts and statistics. Readers believe.

4. Loading Time. Not related to content yet an effective measure to increase site stickiness. Technology has gone very fast and same is the life. No one has time to wait for minutes even to load a page so increase your site loading speed. Use good servers and improve speed by using relevant speed increasing strategies.

5. Internal Linking. Don’t leave anything unanswered in your content. In case, you feel something don’t fit in one of your particular article, write another article and link that to an appropriate place in your existing article. Reader must not leave your site to find answer for anything unanswered you have left out.

6. Content Length: Increase length of your content to a considerable word count, it will improve average time/visitor spent on your site. Backlinko found that among 1 million search queries, average word count for top result in Google was 1900 words.

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