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Posted 01/03/2017 in Technology by Alphonse Rutayisire

Keywords, A Little Change That'll Make A Big Difference With Your Website content

Keywords, A Little Change That'll Make A Big Difference With Your Website content

Very often, we write a search quarry in Google and it returns us a series of results from all over the internet in something like 1-2 seconds. How is that possible? That is possible due to keywords. Keywords are the words or phrases which help the search engines classify and locate a website. The keywords are very important in the success of the website. The content which you produce for your website must be rich in keywords and should be interesting not only for the readers but also for the search engine. In this way the search engine will classify your site under the category it is meant for.

Use of proper keywords is utmost necessary for making a site successful. But where to get the keywords? Before starting any website or blog, you must do the keyword research to know which keywords are more searched for. Once you have the list of worthy keywords, you get a basic layout to work on. Now your aim is to develop content based on these keywords which is relevant and has a natural flow. Twisting the sentence structure just to include the keywords is not a good practice. It has two drawbacks. Number one the readers do not find the content interesting and engaging which decreases the site stickiness and brings a bad fame to the website. Secondly, the search engines do not give much worth to the websites which use the keywords too much excessively.

Keywords are a rather tricky thing. A little change in the word or the phrase can make the keyword useless. Let’s have a practical example on this

  • Free professional email address: 110 searches/month
  • Free professional email: 70 searches/month

This shows how just the change of a single word can have a great impact on the worth of a keyword. Careful use of keywords is necessary for writing quality content which earns you traffic and in turn money. 

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