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Posted 29/07/2020 in Technology by Alphonse Rutayisire

Technology adoption is a great business strategy

Technology adoption is a great business strategy

Most small business owners have excellent ideas that are critical to the growth of the economy. However, most of them lack prerequisite knowledge to judge the opportunities that come their way. They do not know when to say yes with absolute confidence and when to decline offers with no guilt. In fact, the solo-run small businesses and companies are known to often shut down within the first 3 years in operation perhaps due to adopting wrong business strategies. Technology has become every business owner’s best friend especially due to the low-cost solutions it offers to entrepreneurs.

How Small Business Owners Can Leverage Technology To Succeed

The use of modern technology is a business strategy that every small business owner should consider in order to remain in business long enough while gaining a competitive edge. Technology will help you attract more customers, work more efficiently and you will also save money in the process. This will ensure that you become more productive and profitable. Small business owners who have a desire to expand their knowledge and experience have several options available to them such as self-paced business training programs that can be accessed online for free.

These programs are a great way to expand your business knowledge at the convenience of your home or office. Most online business training programs often cover a wide range of topics which offers small business owners limitless possibilities. The growth of the internet has created a new frontier allowing small businesses to take advantage of major innovations such as cloud computing and virtual communications. These web-enabled innovations make our every day working and living easier. The Internet of Things (IoT) enables machines to talk to each other over long distances. Small business owners often find it difficult to predict what their customers will need in the future since they do not know the right technologies to invest in today to future-proof their business.

Computers can now be able to analyze data and reach conclusions without human interventions thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Cloud computing is a new model that most small business owners should adopt since it significantly reduces the upfront costs of running their business. It also offers them the flexibility to grow as well as improved customer service. Dropbox and Gmail and excellent examples of cloud computing since they are accessible anytime from anywhere from a wide range of devices. Recent studies show that at least three-quarters of small business owners are planning to use cloud solutions to improve their efficiency in business.

Future-proofing your small business involves understanding the changes and what is not working in your business. You can use computers and machines for the repetitive and mundane tasks which will free you up for more creative and high-value work. As a small business owner, you can use technology to solve your customer problems with the help of tools such as smart chatbots. Small businesses should have the right technological infrastructure that will allow them to be flexible in order to adapt to changes even with limited budgets.

The RiseAtop Education Series offers guidance as well as reliable information to small business owners to enable them to run their businesses even under difficult conditions. We also provide technological tools that are necessary for the day to day running of a small business.

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