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Posted 01/02/2017 in Technology by Alphonse Rutayisire

The Biggest Problem With Website Content, And How You Can Fix It

The Biggest Problem With Website Content, And How You Can Fix It

Content is king in any website. Basically it is the content for which all other things are designed from the UI to SEO. Having quality content which is timely updated and is free of plagiarism is the key to success of any website. But if you are managing a large website, you may not be able to provide the amount of content needed. Or in some cases, you may not have proper knowledge on the topic and may not be able to write quality content on it. Time restrictions and many other issues can limit your ability to produce the content. There are a number of ways you can get the content. Some of them are:

#1: Freelancers

Freelancing jobs can be posted for getting the posts written for your site. There are people who can do the content writing jobs for you at attractive rates. Such people can be found on sites like Upwork and freelancer.com. They can write quality content.

#2: Full-time Writers

If your site is very huge and you require a very large number of articles or posts every day, a freelancer will be insufficient and costly for you. In this case you may get a fulltime writer or a whole team of them to develop the content for you.

#3: Copywriters

These are the people who can write content for you by copying from some other site and altering it in such a way that it passes the plagiarism detection tests.

#4: Photographers and Graphic Developers

The website content is not only about the written posts on it. There are also other things like pictures, videos and animations which are included in the content. These things need to be developed by professionals of the field. You can get these things by hiring a person or a team qualified in it. These things are important as they attract both the reader and the search engines.

#5: Experts Of the Field

If you are developing a site about a very technical topic, you must take advice and consultancy from a competent and renowned scholar of the field. You may also have to hire a high end professional of the field to write for your blog if you want to make a credible site on a technical topic. This can be a costly project but it can earn you heavy money as these sites generally have higher ad rates and more focused users.
What we are trying to convey is very simple i.e don’t limit your content creation opportunities. Content being a king must keep coming to your site, for a better exposure. If you are not comfortable with the creation then you can use above mentioned resources. According to scoop.it, %age of content written by elements is explained by the pie chart.


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