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Posted 12/09/2017 in Family by Alphonse Rutayisire

Women and Men Empowerment Audio Program

Women and Men Empowerment Audio Program

The topic of women and men empowerment is significant and it is key to successful family life, economic growth, stability and social transformation. Riseatop.com blog has been established in response to a growing need to uncover hidden talent from many people, businesses and professionals. As founder of RiseAtop.com, Alphonse hopes to share stories of businesses, individuals and professionals who have shown capacity to recover from difficulties and life toughness. If you have a hidden talent and you have the courage to tell your story to the universe, contact us and we will help you build your business or personal brand like none other. 

So, in this In thiis blog entry, I am happy to introduce a new columnist, a professional contributor to the riseatop.com blog and her is Victoria Kenny Rutayisire ( affectionally called Vicky). I encourage you to visit her blog profile on riseatop.com. You will be glad to here her genuine contributionss on issues affecting men and women, couples and families in general. 

As you listen to Vicky's Women and Men Empowerment Audio Programs, try to imagine the following: 

1. What are the ramifications of not understanding each point
2. What could happen to man and woman who don't want to take action on this information
3. Imagine what ignoring this information could lead to in the couples life and family life in general

Vicky invites all listeners to reflect and share the message with regards to what could be done to improve the situation: 

Victoria holds a Bachelor of Nursing degree from the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa and she has been registered with the South African Nursing Council and The Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Agency (AHPRA). Victoria has completed postgraduate studies in mental health nursing, narrative therapy and many other related health subjects.

Vicky has over 10 years experienced having worked in various hospitals but also clinics, aged care facilities, community health centres both in South Africa and Australia and she has particularly specialised in the provision of primary health care services to the indigenous Australians for the last 7 years.

As a Chronic Disease Coordinator, A Close The Gap Coordinator, Vicky has acquired valuable experience advising, educating and training clients on health related needs and holistic development and wellness of family member, young adults and couples, husbands and wife’s’ etc

Motivated by the lack of quality and specific content to support and help family members struggling with various life developmental challenges, Victoria has decided to use her resilient spirit and attitude to life to provide and share content that will educate, encourage and empower women and men alike. Using the technologies available at her disposal such as podcast, blogs and whats up, Victoria hopes to encourage and empower as many people as possible by sharing her personal and professional insights.

Vicky is a columnist on the blog called “RiseAtop.com” and all her audio, podcasts and blog articles are published regularly on the link below: 
Please visit her profile to listen to her message