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Our History

Our history goes back to the time when Alphonse Rutayisire decided to bring his contribution in the digital transformation world for small business owners. He started implementing his brilliant ideas in 2016 with only a limited number of virtual team staff members and a few clients.

Today, we are proud to have above 200 Australian and global businesses who have signed up and created business listings on RiseAtop Marketing Platform, riseatop.com.  We have not only expanded our team but made our services better and polished than before. Our solutions are affordable, sustainable, innovative and aimed at exceeding customer’s expectations.

RiseAtop is a marketing agency found by Alphonse Rutayisire (PMP, MBA, MCT, and MACS CP). He is an experienced technology specialist and professional who has been a speaker at Microsoft Ignite, is a member of the Australian Computer Society( MACS CP) and experienced Microsoft Certified Trainer with more than 15 years experience in the IT industry. He believes that learning is a key to success and so he helps RiseAtop members to learn and  implement innovative ways to start, manage and grow a business. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to help reduce failures of small businesses and make a positive change in the world, saving one business a time.


Our mission is to become the FIRST and # 1 Global Education Provider on Mautic and help grow companies through increased knowledge and effective use of affordable marketing automation strategies. 

RiseAtop Vision

Our Future

We want to contribute to lowering the numbers of small businesses’ failures.  They are the backbone of any country’s economy.


Our future digital solutions will employ a methodology of TEACH and LEARN to bridge the digital divide that still exists in the local and global marketplace.


We will continue to use the power of the internet to create useful, reliable and innovative business models based on key principles and values:

  • Good education
  • Data
  • Information
  • Knowledge
  • Insights
  • Competitiveness
  • Cost reduction and
  • Innovation

Why Choose Us?

RISEATOP (Results, Impact, Stats, Endorsements, Authentic Experience, Testimonials, Online Reputation, Personal Story)


Serious Savings on your digital asset

We are specialists in self-hosted Mautic Installations and implementations.


Mautic is a free and open-source marketing platform.


You pay once for setup of your own dedicated marketing automation system integrated with your business landing page.


Otherwise, there is no monthly fee for the software beyond what you pay for hosting and enhanced business listing on our popular platform.


Customized education

We taken knowledge transfer and mentoring very seriously.

We do not teach marketing theory here. We learn, teach and help you implement unique marketing campaigns to meet your business goals.

There are 6 pillars that make up our education program on Mautic.

5 Pillars + 1 Pillar ( Enhanced Business Listing):

Email marketing and drip campaigns
Lead Generation
Social Marketing
Marketing Analytics
ROI Reporting



Plan, Design and build custom marketing and sales funnels

Most small businesses are busy running a business that they don’t have time to increase their knowledge on mautic platform.


We help you gain and retain a competitive edge through Mautic marketing automation.


We help you solve a specific business problem.

Meet Our Team

We exist to serve members. So, Members First.

Amelie Oliver

Business Development Manager

Inactive Prospect Campaigns

Alphonse Rutayisire


Martha Robson

Design Thinking

Gerry Colman

Digital Marketing Specialist

Do you have Any Questions?

Get a worry-free managed self-hosted mautic implementation and enhanced business listing from RiseAtop


RISEATOP is an 11 word acronym that stands for RISEATOP (Results, Impact, Stats, Endorsements, Authentic Experience, Testimonials, Online Reputation, Personal Story).

It is a digital marketing agency serving an increasing number of more than 200 Australian and global small businesses who are looking at alternatives to grow their businesses through affordable online marketing and innovative marketing automation using Mautic platform.

What can RISEATOP help you do in less than 3 minutes?

In less than 3 min, you can create a basic online presence for FREE.

Can this company really help me?

This is a genuine concern and we all have such worries. Firstly, visit riseatop.com and see how many other companies have put their trust in us. Secondly, click through our ENHANCED BUSINESS LISTINGS and compare them with FREE Listings. You will see a big difference in how many small businesses have taken seriously the opportunity to build alternative digital assets on our platform.

How can we check your credibility in marketing automation?

We have a portfolio of several live marketing automation websites completely integrated with niche business landing web pages. Please send us a request so we can provide you with login details into the member only areas for these demos.

Our team is not complete without you, the business owner. You are the one who knows how best we can serve you. This spot is yours.