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Posted 01/04/2017 in Technology by Alphonse Rutayisire

The Title, 6 Undeniable Reasons People Hate Reading Your Blog Content

The Title,  6 Undeniable Reasons People Hate Reading Your Blog Content

The title of anything you write is the main thing in attracting the reader to it. The title for every post, article and page must be chosen carefully and after full research. A little variation in the title may make it more useful or trash for you website. The titles also help the search engines in ranking the websites up to some extent.

While choosing the titles the following points must be considered to make them more useful and able to earn you better rankings and more readers

#1: Title should be attractive

The title is the first thing a reader sees. It is, most of the times, the title which decides whether a reader will continue to read the article, blog or post or will just close the tab and open another page on the subject. The title should be captivating and must be having an element of suspense. It is the suspense which compels the reader to read the full article. The title should engage the reader and once this goal is achieved, the reader will spend time on the site and get you some profit by visiting the ads or knowing about your services.

#2: It should be related to the content

One thing must be kept in mind while deciding the topic of the blog, post or article. It must be as closely related to the content as possible. If the topic is about Ferrari and you start describing the horsepower of a Chevrolet under it, the reader is disgusted and decides never to visit your site again. Try to choose as relevant topic as possible. It will increase your search engine ranking as well as the level of customer satisfaction.

#4: It should contain the keyword

Keywords are the words or phrases which are searched on the internet again and again. They are the phrases used by the search engines to identify and classify the websites and pages according to their relevance with a specific topic. The use of key word in the title makes the page more highly ranked in the search results of a particular search quarry. In this way you can get the most amount of traffic from the search engine without paying for it.

#5: It should be correct grammatically and content wise

This is something the search engines and users seriously notice. However good or technical your content may be, if the grammar and the language is not correct people think you haven’t written anything worthy. They just consider it an amateur’s work and do not like to visit the site again. Try to have the best vocabulary, the most suitable sentence structure and the most accurate information in your title to make it worthy in the eyes of your reader as well as the search engine.

As a conclusion, the titles are an important part of your writing; try to make them the best. Because, if the start is not good no one will get to read the full post.

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