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RiseAtop Business Directory is our digital marketing service that removes business barriers to market online, publish content and enrich customer service.

Do you know how most businesses have static, outdated and non-functional websites? We provide a single digital publishing solution that makes you never lose but get and keep new customers and make sales.

Does this sound familiar?  

  • Do you operate on a very tight marketing budget? 
  • Do you have a static, outdated and or a non-functional website? 
  • Do you know that eve if you have may have great product or service, if nobody knows about it, you are simply not in business?       


In search for answers to the above challenges faced by businesses, RiseAtop.com was born. Founded by Alphonse Rutayisire, RiseAtop is a membership-based, affordable digital marketing platform and publishing portal. His mission is to help both local and global businesses rise above challenges of digital transformation and grow revenue.

Alphonse is a seasoned, well versed, trusted and experienced professional qualified with MBA(specialised in Technology Management), PMP(PMI Project Management Professional), MCITP(Microsoft Certified IT Professional) and over 15 years experience in IT field. He is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Information Technology.  

Throughout his career, Alphonse has had positive influence on various companies growth by supporting the business strategy and enabling employees and partners to gain competitive edge by implementing various digital technologies 

Alphonse is fluent in at least 4 languages including English and French, has resided in 2 continents (Africa and Australia) and travelled to more than 10 nations exposing himself to different cultures that make him appreciate the benefits of diversity, globalisation and multiculturalism. As a resilient graduate from the school of hard knocks, He has learnt to forge lasting, productive relationships with stakeholders.

During this time, Alphonse has observed ongoing problem of lack of modern workplace skills and resources necessary to steer desired business growth.

Alphonse Rutayisire,MBA, PMP
Business and IT Professional


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Small business owners in particular feel overwhelmed just trying to stay afloat managing day-to-day operations. The responsibilities that rest on the shoulders of small business owners are daunting, and the ultimate goal of bringing in tech solutions should be to free up time and resources to focus on top-priority items for the business’s overall health.

In fact, according to a recent study, 50 percent of all U.S employees have said that they experience work overload on a consistent basis. With nearly half of America’s workforce falling into the category of overworked, it is safe to say this is a growing concern that affects far too many of us.

To help address failure experienced by small businesses as a result of technology disruption and motivated by the benefits of globalisation and digital revolution opportunities, Alphonse decided to become a change agent that seeks success for entrepreneurs and small business owners. 

His mission is to help businesses rise above challenges of digital transformation and grow revenue. This is accomplished through RiseAtop.com, a global digital publishing platform that helps business owners manage their online marketing and increasing visibility to generate sales. 

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Digital marketing

  • Create an astoundating business listing that your prospectis will love seeing. 
  • RiseAtop business profile is what our visitors and members will see.
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Customer service

  • If customer support matters to you, then provide them with various means to find you and contact you for support and inquiries. 
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  • Quality web traffic generates leads and quality leads generate sales. 
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Content Marketing

  • In today's age, customers expect high-quality, consistent content from their favorite brands. 
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